KINOLIFE – the first international interactive online platform for TV, film and multimedia professionals. KINOLIFE unites thousands of specialists, organizations, and film events all over the World.

KINOLIFE is the best platform to find the team, equipment, locations, and transport for film and TV production; KINOLIFE gives opportunities to post and find screenplays, music for a film or TV programme, etc.

At the same time KINOLIFE is a global advertising platform for the providers of services and products related to cinema, TV and media, and companies wishing to enter the market.

KINOLIFE's been developed according to the issues existing in film and TV industry, and the demand most of the film and TV specialists, organizations, and film events. We improve KINOLIFE, and monthly implement new tools while improving existing tools to make KINOLIFE more comfortable and useful to you.

Join and live a full kinolife!

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